Under Construction

Metro Line 3

Location:              Cairo
Main Contractor:  J. V. for civil works leds by Vinci.
Description:          Supply and install electromechanical works for 4 underground stations.
                            (Cairo Fair, Stadium, Kolleyet El Banat and Al Ahram)
Phase:                 2
Duration:              February 2012 - Under Constraction


Eden Rock

Location:              Dessert Road, Alexandria
Main Contractor:  Direct contract with the owner.
Description:          Supply and install
                            - Fire Fighting
                            - Irrigation
                            - Potable Water
                            - Telecommunication Networks
Duration:              Under Constraction
                            Electrical / Mechanical
Harb Electro Mechanical Engineering Co.
As well as our general work we have taken on a number of special projects that customers had been struggling to place.
Harb Electromechanical Engineering Co. offers a wide range of skills, which can be used in a number of ways to produce
a final product that the customer can be proud of.